Perfboard design software

When creating a perfboard design you sometimes want to plan out where to place components and wires before you start with it. Doing this on the old way with pen and paper is frustrating. I have found 2 applications in which you can design your perfboard: DIY Layout Creator and Lochmaster.

DIY Layout Creator is free and is java based so it should run on most operating systems.

Lochmaster is not free, you can download a demo to evaluate lochmaster (The demo has limitations.)

One of the most important features of such an application is the abbility to define your own components. Components are safed in .xml format in DIY Layout Creator. There is no tool available to create components. Thus creating new components in DIY Layout Creator is. Lochmaster has some limited capabillity to create new components. I did this by breaking an existing component in parts and modify it. After i’m done with that i can generate a new component to safe my modifications.

Due to the lack of creating components in DIY Layout Creator i have chosen to use Lochmaster.

One of my results:

OpenLaserFrag sensor node in Lochmaster

OpenLaserFrag sensor node in Lochmaster


OpenLaserFrag sensor node implementation on perfboard

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